Time to get yer head outta yer ass, people!

A few things motivated this website--
one is I'm a degreed web designer who loves to write code...;
two, my love was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and it hit home that the clock is ticking...get off your ass and do what you love, today...;
and, the degree of absolute idiocracy and unbridled lunacy revolving around that digital cesspool known as "SOCIAL MEDIA" has driven me back to the original intent of the Internet, share your story, ideas, opinions, pictures with whoever wants to look, and I'm not selling anything, or trying to turn a profit here, so this is a completely ad-free, old-school Internet web site. And the nice thing is, if anyone finds offense here, they may simply delete the URL and browse right on over to Vox, Vice, HuffingPaint Compost, or any other progressive media site of their choice, without fear or threat of related PTSD from my presence recurring repeatedly in their news feed and, conversely, their's in mine...win-win
And nice for me, as well, because I avoid the ad hominem attacks on my character/moral fiber, plus disparaging remarks, surrounding any offense, shock and awe, and hurted feelz one may develop, because one cannot be offended, nowadays, without verbal reprimand to the offending party...

If the media, progressives, democratic socialists, liberals, feminists, Antifa, the 116th House of Representatives, the swamp, the Deep State, academia, socialists, communists, and the DNC...the LEFT, collectively, has taught me one thing, despite their constant accusations toward EVERYONE who isn't ideologically like-minded, is that bias is A-OK, as long as it pushes your narrative, and your narrative supports the collective groupthink driving the agenda. Simply accuse the other side of what you're doing enough that the media sides with you, or shares your agendas, and life is happy.
That said, expect some reverse-bias, minus the groupthink, here, this is conservative country, so if that's a problem, thanks for the quick look, and have a great day. We hold on to our beliefs and values, too, I know you don't think that's fair, but...tough shit.
...however, if you're not offended by the mere word "conservative", stick around. The WTF Rants may make you giggle, might piss you off, but take stock they're here and will remain here until I take them off...Jack, Mark, Karen, and Carl may collectively kiss my very straight, white, male Baby Boomer keester.
WTF Rants are just that...things I see on the media that make me go W.T.F!, so I offer my reactions. I'd like others to do so, as well.
WTF Rants is all there is so far...so click it or stick it. lol

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Site construction will continue, I am considering asking a few close, trusted folks to contribute to the WTF Rants...got a burr under your saddle about some crazy shit you saw on social media, or just the general state of retarded lunacy present 360 degrees these days? Shoot me an email, and lemme hear your story.  dan@danhovis.com
This site was quick and dirty to get the site online, check back often. (15Jan2020)


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