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"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."
--Ayn Rand

Hello Sportsfans. I'm back. Another WTF rant in the making. Today it's this lunacy over a vaccination mandated for a virus that has a 99.6% recovery rate across ALL age demographics, you know, the one that doesn't prevent you from getting Covid-19, but the one you have to have to save everyone else or you can't work and feed your fam.
If there was ever, EVER, a WTF rant, this is it. Sweet Jesus! This idiot in the White House is demanding EVERYONE take this mRNA modifier that obviously, not according to Legacy Media, isn't working, AT ALL, to prevent Covid-19. But you must have it injected in your body to be able to work and earn a living, according to the Buffoon-in-Chief, and his merry cabal of scumbags that advise Dr. Jill, his primary handler. The man's a joke. Welcome to the Brandon Administration.
Let's Go Brandon!
Good. God. Almighty. Tyranny in plain view. And they're proud of it. Hammer it in to the mindless minions every half hour on the legacy media. Ladled in fear. Possibly the best and most effective psy-op in modern history. And the brilliant minds in America bought into it 1000%. Not a real good testimony to the collective mental prowess of the American people. Blind compliance by mindless minions who have never been taught to think past what Big Brother tells them to think. Sad days in the land of the free and the home of the fully vaxxed moron...
Imma stick around to see what happens to these crash-test dummies in a couple of years, because us "conspiracy theorists" seem to have an advantage, we kinda suspected a rat when the vax became socially necessary to protect everyone else, the entire mantra of Covid-19, remember the mask, it wasn't for you, it was for Bill and Bertha's Barnbuster's grandmother in Pittsburg...but the thing that's so confusing is after the big rollout, all these vaxxed sheep are still getting Covid-19, the legacy media keeps reporting how vitally critically overloaded all the hospitals in the US are, of course, all unvaxxed, according to your favorite talking head on the 6 o'clock news...however, the non-legacy media reports that 90% of these are fully vaxxed, the legacy liars come back with things like "Oh the symptoms are less severe, but Bill and Bertha's grandma is totally safe, blah blah blah", along with the plethora of other current, approved, responses. Not me, thanks.
So far, I've worked through the entire plandemic, refused to wear the face diaper, didn't bathe in hand sanitizer, the only "protocol" I followed was social distancing, been doing that my entire life. I like my space, and I suspect everyone else does, as well. And guess what? I haven't caught the virus. How can that be? Oh, and btw, I wear contacts, and I touch my face, regularly, with heinous unwashed hands...am I a medical anomoly? So far, everyone who I know, personally, who has tested positive for Covid-19, and actually got symptomatic, is still with us and fine, no hospitalizations, rarely even seen a doctor visit, unless suffiently terrified by legacy media... But we need a vax to stop the virus. That their prized vax ISN'T stopping. But we need it. Can't work without it. Have to keep everyone else safe, ya know...the bullshit is literally dripping off of this narrative, but the sheep are too terrorized to notice. Or refuse to notice...committment to the narrative is vital, at any cost.

Wanna talk about living in Clown World? Well, watch your TV. Listen to Brandon, or anyone in that joke of an administration. Listen to that idiot Alexandria Ocassionally-Coherent and her "squad" tell everyone that if you're white, you're automatically a racist and white supremesist, especially if you don't march in lockstep with their lunatic narratives. Look what the "clown" House has done in the last 5 years...Holy Mary, mother of Christ, it's been nothing but a witch hunt, that's still going on, thanks to that crooked bitch Piglosi, and her little minions like ChickenSchiff and Swallowell, and of course, her co-crook in the Senate, Chuck "da schmuck" Shumer. Or just log on to Fakebook or Twatter for your latest NPC download of lunatic leftist bullshit. Bring a dump truck, because there's a full load of it...Commiefornia and New York trying to control the entire country via the crooked career politicians grafting off taxpayer dollars for decades. What's going on is better technically described as a dictatorship, not a Constitutional Republic.

I'm not sure I want to live in a world where a man, who pretends to be a woman, goes on television to have a meltdown because she (he) can't nurse the baby her husband, a woman pretending to be a man, had. Pissed off. Demanding the oppression stop.
WTF???!!! Clown World.
Where this really gets more bizzare, is the parade of concerned idiots who claim this is perfectly normal and we should go out of our realms to mollycoddle these mentally ill little flowers. Naw, don't think so. I have to draw the line somewhere. Starts here. I'm a bit too analytical to buy the fantasyland these people live in. And I also believe the more you shelter these mentally ill little flowers from actual reality, the worse the problems will manifest...remember that currently, some states are offering three sexes now on your "official" state ID's/drivers license...Male, Female, and Other. All to appease a microscopic minority of folks who shun reality and adopt fantasy as a way of life. Explain why there was a 4000-6000 percent increase in school-aged children in recent years, who claim they're transgender or my fave, non-binary? While you're at it, explain why we have to have "preferred pronouns" on job applications and now, on some corporate email accounts, and can get in trouble if you fail to call them they, them, zer, zir or some idiotic shit like that. Two words. Academia and Social Media. When it became trendy to mystically swap genders, or decide you were neither or both, the floodgates opened. My granddaughter gets asked frequently when she's going to trans, because you're "special" when you do...must salve that attention deficit syndrome they're experiencing, God only knows. So let's pour more confusion on already confused kids. Makes sense, right? Hell, with the lunatic mask mandates in schools, and the Critical Race Theory indoctrination they're all getting, combined with all the other leftist indoctrination involved in today's classroom instruction, no wonder kids are fubar'd today...well, after a lifetime of mollycoddling, then the leftist indoctrination from schools, what other possible outcome would you expect? Want to argue with the fact that kids aren't receiving socialist doctrine in public schools? Remember, kids, the US Attorney General just authorized the FBI to monitor school board meetings across the US to arrest "domestic terrorists" who want their kids to NOT be brainwashed into a particular narrative or polarized by politically charged bullshit. The FBI. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Courtesy of the Brandon Administration.

Just remember to send your 4-year old to Drag Queen Story Hour...it's vital.

The sheer audacity of the theory that prevails among some educators and of course, the Brandon Administration, that parents have no say in what their children are being taught in public schools, is off the charts. Right up there with parents having no say about their children being vaxxed in school. Completely insane.
Who the hell do these people think they are?
They're about to get a very unpleasant surprise, I'm afraid. Millions of people on social media platforms that aren't censored like Fakebook and Twatter are fed up with the lunacy. It's a lot more people than the cheerleaders of all this dictatorial bullshit, trust me. My personal favorite is Telegram. Gettr is good as well. You can actually post an opinion on either platform without repercussions. And see data that the corporate control freaks won't allow on their platforms or broadcasts, because it smashes their already crumbling narratives to pieces. If you weren't concerned about this "vaccination" before perusing Telegram, you will be shortly thereafter, because all the censored doctors are speaking out. Loudly. Dr. Ryan Cole had a video up on Fakebook for about 3 hours before it was removed. I watched it. He's a noted clinical pathologist who has been studying the organs of people who've died from either Covid after vaccination, or as a direct result of receiving the vax. His discoveries of what the vax is doing to people are terrifying. Bet the ranch they don't want this intel out. So he's cancelled on the legacy platforms, but not Telegram...it's good to have a place to see both sides, however, the fear campaign was so effective, some folks won't even hear of any problems with the vax, just get it so "we can get back to normal"...look how well that's working, still have to wear the face diaper...still getting Covid-19, still locking down...virtually nothing changed but getting an experimental RNA modifier injected in your body so you can eat in public or do anything in public, and apparently "feeling" that you've done your part to save humanity, as well as having a scapegoat you can blame it all on, the unvaxxed. When in reality, you might have signed your own death warrant. There is video after video of people injured by this vax, short-term, permenent, and death, videos of loved one's telling how their family member died from the vax, thousands of them. But talk to the average Joe who can't stop watching corporate media, and they'll tell you you're a denier and other cute monikers their TV told them to say. And of course, Above the Law Brandon tells the American public to ignore the appellate court's order to stay the mandate, do it anyway.
Again, WTF???!!!
That was a first. First time I ever heard a "leader" say ignore the court. Do my bidding, minions, or else. Don't believe what you see, believe what I say. Or Else.
Clown World, folks. Front row seat. I want off the ride.

13 November 2021 addition
I've been asked why I don't cite or post links to articles that support my opinions posted on this website. The answer is very simple. I don't talk out of my ass, everything I relate here is something I've learned from people who do know what they're talking about, not conjecture. I do my friggin research. A lot of it. I purposely do not publish links or citation because...DO YOUR OWN FUCKING RESEARCH! It is simply not my job to make it easier for people to criticize my sources or the findings within, because they're already on the defensive, 99.9% of the time. Asking people to step out of their safe space and actually look at what the other side brings to the table, is simply asking too much, I feign, because it doesn't happen often. Regardless of the butthurt, I maintain that if more people pointed these entitled asshats toward doing their own research, the dumbasses might actually learn something outside their ideological paradigm. Or not. The jury is out on that one.



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