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"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."
--Groucho Marx

Pelosi's PensPelosi Pens

So...Piglosi handed out taxpayer paid-for celebratory pens at the culmination of the 116th House's Charlatan's Parade yesterday, topping off the most embarrassing clown show in the history of American politics, by the most useless House of Representatives ever assembled, save the few conservative patriots forced by a power-drunken, senile, old sea hag on a 4-year crusade to run a coup against a duly elected and sitting President.
Bravo, Pelosi, you monumentally ignorant, crooked, pandering, bitch, you finally succeeded in exposing your fleshy underbelly, despite your stumbling, slurred assurances that you are the supreme representative of "Americans", when in reality you see yourself as President, God, Holy Ghost,...only problem is your "Americans" are about a quarter of the population of the country, and equally as mentally impeached as you, and you're simply too stupid to understand that...well, agenda-driven, that is. And, lest we forget the lobby money, and backchannel money pumped into your coffers by your slick, quiet little games of pay-to-play, and quid pro quo...you know, same quid pro quo Biden used in Ukraine when he was VP, and the same quid pro quo you declare Trump used, with standing proof to the contrary, but in your power-drunken, tantrum-driven, convoluted mind, anything but YOUR convoluted characterization of "truth" is null and void. Piss off, you crooked, convoluted, agenda-driven, sanctimonious old bitch. Leftist/globalist scum like you will never speak for true Americans like me.

I remember a time, a while a go, but not that terribly long ago, when behavior by an elected servant of this manner would be dealt with by the body, but when the body supports this behavior, lauds it, it's time for a House-cleaning...pun damned well intended.
Here's the deal...for about 30 years, I voted a lot more for the person than the party, however Slick Willy and Co. altered my perspectives, and I got tired of not being able, as a registered Independent, to vote in primary elections, so I began registering as Republican, but still, for a while, maintained my "best person for the job" voting strategy. All that came to a crushing end during the Bathhouse Barry reign of "hope and change", when I saw what modern liberalism had really become...the explosion of pure debauchery was stunning...apparently, that's what the progressive utopia/Valhalla or however it's termed, orbits around--the more bizarre and debaucherous, the faster it becomes trendy, gains talking-points fueled by groupthink, and is demanded of the other, much larger percentage, to cater and conform lest hurted feelz pandemic's occur...or so it's gone, so far, since Y2K.
Bottom line now...I wouldn't vote for a Democrat if the SOB cured cancer, because the bastard would find a way to tax it to the point you're better off dead from the disease, kinda like you are with the "treatment" now...(for another WTF)

When I look at the line-up of absolute idiots elected to represent the voting body of Democrats in the USA, I just shake my head. Of course, a good deal of them come from states with populations that afford more than 20 elected servants, 4 states, 111M people, fill 33% of the House head count or 143 representatives, point being, how many of those 111M folks are urban gimmedats all-in on the free-shit train? So the biggest panderer wins at the polls...the proverbial carrot on a stick. This day and age, what side of the political aisle do you think the balance of that 33% are going to sit? Why gee, I'll bet it's the free-shit train station. That seems to be the only campaign promise a Democrat can keep...more free shit paid for by the working class...uh, obviously the ">$15/hr" working class, cause those poor sots who boycotted and struck for $15 can't seem to make it even at that wage, cause the business' either keep closing down, cutting hours to 20/30 per week, or adding kiosks and self-checkout--AI employee's whose long-term investment is a fraction of a human, and warranties that are a shit-load cheaper than health insurance...plus, no FMLA, no training, 100% proficient at their job on day one, they don't bitch, unionize, or strike, are never late or no-show, and Me Urban Gimmedat's celebrated $15 dropped to $7.50, or $0, again...but it was for the greater good, Gimmedat...and by God, that Saint Bathhouse Barry and that Democratic Congress sure did everybody a favor with $15/hr and Bathhouse BarryCare, didn't they? Nothing like forward thinking...never pass functional over feel-good legislation, so typical of the left. Used to call it "knee-jerk" reactions.
I swear, these people that support this bogus, mirrors and lights, do as I say, not as I do balderdash from the liberals, when the actual deal is right in front of their damned faces, are nothing short of dumbfounding. You have to work and practice to be that damned oblivious, or blinded by ideological indoctrination.

Oh, it's not just liberals/progressive/modern communists blind-sided by indoctrination, it's all the fence-walkers and never-Trumpets right there in the cesspool, floating with all the other shit. Every time I read a "Conservative" or "Republican" go off on Trump using the lefty talking points, because that's ALL they have, I really wanna bust their jaw, but realize that these poor sots are so willfully stupid that they still listen to their favorite 6 o'clock mainstream news NPC download, and hang on every word, almost living the exact same fairytale as the Left. I actually foster more ire toward those exceptionally willfully ignorant P'sOS than I do to most liberals, a lot of liberals are genetically predisposed to stupidity, based on their family lineage, while the Orange Man Bad never-Trumpets are merely no-spine followers and parrots, quivering with anticipation for the next E!/ET/BET/TELEMUNDO or ABC/CBS/FOX/NBC/CNNPC/MSNPC download so they'll know how to think today. If it weren't for "Hey, Google" or "Siri,...?" a cool half of these self-imposed moral scholars and soothsayers of all matters political couldn't tie their friggin shoes. Orange Man Bad neverTrumpets may collectively lick my boy parts. They constitute a new class of useless, taste buds on an asshole-style useless.

So much for somber days when the hardworking House has to do the unspeakable duty as to deliver Articles of Impeachment to the Senate, such class the current collective of bottomfeeders has, giving out trinkets, yet praying over the grave situation (wink, wink). $9-bill phony.


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