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"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities."
--Ayn Rand

All Things Imaginary

  Lots of that going on, currently.

  Golly, we're nearly 80% into a completely imaginary world, where up is down, right is wrong, truth is supplanted with fiction, men are women, women are men, or neither, and all those folks require special pronouns in order to adequetly face their imaginary existence. As I've mentioned before, it's hard to come to terms with the clown world we're in, where we're supposed to accept all this utter horse shit as normal, because a minority of feelz-oriented attention whores demand it.
Naw, not so much.

  For nearly two years, I've been told I need to "follow the science" about the experimental poison they're calling a vaccination, but yet I see things like a trans woman screaming on television, demanding to know why she (he) can't nurse the baby that she (he) and her (his) husband, a trans man (she), had together, therefore crushing the glass ceiling on the new men having babies and periods, but short on the new women being able to nurse...and it gets more fubar'd from here...
Do you feel that I'm the only one here who needs to "follow the science"? If so, scroll up and click the red "Already Offended?" button near the top of the page. Please.
  Or as FJB would say..."C'mon man!" I understand that the mind is a very powerful tool, but at last check, it can't change your chromosomes, and make men have babies, or women have a penis. No matter how BAD they may want it to. Oh, they can trot off to any one of a plethora of physicians who'll gladly perform "genital reassignment surgeries", attend the "How to cope with your decision and become a 100% victim" therapy sessions, etc., but then that stupid, stubborn, ever-present, reality rears it's ugly head, because after all this, the individual chromosomes, either XX or XY, are still the same, no matter how big his titties get, or how good her beard comes in, from all the horomone therapy.
  But those of us outside the wokeness are demanded to embrace this and never question the "science".  Sure. So now, we have imaginary science to back up the trans wokeness, because reality causes PTSD and hurted feelz...not to mention self-oppression, but keep that one under the radar...

  Least of which is the Brandon Administration's (FJB, Kamalatoe, Piglosi, Schammer, and their band of inept buffoons) full buy-in to the lunacy. I ponder how long until this woke joke of a Congress writes a bill making it a hate crime for a straight person to reject the advances of a trans person. They're already bitching about it, trans folks, with or without the "surgeries", are demanding it be a crime if straight people won't date them. And can't seem to understand why straight folks wouldn't want to...
  If that be the case, consider me a criminal. Might not get just the "rejection" charge, may get one for assault and battery, in conjunction. Decisions have consequences...so be cautious entering my bubble. Consider this a PSA for any transgendered folks who might try to snort my flanks...just sayin...

  As I've also mentioned before, if you don't have the Telegram app on your PC/tablet/phone, you're missing out on the real news in the world today, a platform that shows just how corrupt and downright evil legacy media is right now.
  For example, this morning I read an article published by Disclose.tv and forwarded on Telegram, documenting how the FDA has asked a federal judge to seal any records to the public of Pfizer's Covid-19 data that was relied upon to license the vax by the FDA, until the year 2076...

Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along...

  Now this, right here, is absolutely consistent with every other action undertaken by the FDA, under the Brandon Administration, to date, and totally reminicient of the resistance to any probes into election fraud, after all, FJB got more votes than any other person in history...right???!!!

  If you've nothing to hide, why keep secrets? If this vax is so safe and effective, why keep the data sequestered until practically everyone alive in 2020/2021 "pandemic" will be dead? Again, for those of you who don't "math", a child born in 2021 will be 55, and have had a full lifetime of Covid-19 boosters, "if" they live that long. For a growing number, "if" is getting more imaginary...also, why are vaxxed sheep still getting and dying from Covid-19, even after all the now-required boosters? I'll bet the ranch the "why" is because they damned sure don't want people like me, analytical with a strong math/science background and a shitload of life experience to match the book-learnin, to really know just what kind of poison they gave people. The hound would be loose, and the wrath of the people would be upon them. Bet anyone a $100 bill. If you've nothing to hide about the election, why hire hundreds of lawyers to try to stop the audits? One doesn't require a PhD to grasp that there is so, so much deception and outright lies being directed toward We The People that it's simply criminal. I really love it when folks scoff and cry "conspiracy theorist" when you mention the UN Agenda 21 or UN Agenda 2030, the road maps for New World Order, however if you know what's contained within those agenda documents, you can put check marks right by each goal in both documents, given the state of the world and it's resident woke idiots, today. Yet it's a conspiracy to the woke, who are gleefully and blissfully hopping with joy at the lunacy.

  Which leads to the best imaginary "crisis" of them all...climate change. OH BOY!

  I just want one picture of the rising sea levels, anywhere along a coast, and I'll shut my mouth. Please don't send me a Guardian article about an island chain in the Pacific Ocean whose elevation was 12 feet above sea level before climate change, and is now buried under three feet of water...let me translate for those who don't math, that means the Pacific Ocean has risen 15' overall...yet the same shorelines and landmarks are present all along the Pacific shorelines, world-wide, now that were present before the latest surge of outright fallacy from legacy media and the other climate cheerleaders, like little Greta Thunderlipz. If you try to tell me the ocean is higher in the middle than on the shores, I'm gonna call you an idiot. Period. Because there is NO evidence of rising sea levels, anywhere. Water, whether sea water, a lake, a dog dish-full, whatever container you choose, always finds equilibrium. Last check showed no miniscus effect from oceans, lakes, or other large bodies of water on their shores, so that excuse is out. Besides that, even chemists read the bottom of the miniscus, not the top...lmao! Keep in mind, downtown New Orleans is roughly 12 feet below sea level, so they've had to pump water out of NOLA for a long, long time. If the oceans were rising like the woke fools claim, NOLA would be the first to know. Trust me. BTW, they're not building the levee's any higher, either...

  If it doesn't make sense, why would you buy into it? Or if you have data that says otherwise? Why is it that there can't be civil discourse and debate between researchers who've found differing data, or have operated under a different hypothesis? Instead, these researchers were denied government research grant money and summarily cancelled, because their findings weren't in lockstep with the narrative. And labeled "deniers" or "conspiracy theorists". Follow the money, folks. Always. I use Roku tv, and lately have been innundated by yet another new climate alarmist organization called ScienceMoms.com's television media ad, directed at all soccer mommy's and their special little snowflakes. Oh, do go check it out...lmao,  here's the link   Science Moms,   I did. You'll not regret it, if you have over two firing neurons left. This week, it's climate change-induced wildfires, and how climate change is causing them, note please, that one won't see one damned word or inference involving any mismanagement of those burning acres, irrelevant, of course. I'm reminded of the archived article in the Sacremento Bee, by one of their noted "science editors", who penned a brilliantly idiotic article about the wildfires that burned NoCal a few years ago...HIS take was that there was so much CO2 in the atmosphere, and since plants/trees utilize CO2, the forest was like a magnet for the overburden of atmospheric CO2 and THAT was superheating the forests and causing spontanious combustion, and other combustion-based phenomenon, of forest land. Yup. And this stooge has a college degree, I'll bet money. He should have taken a few more chemistry classes, where he'd have discovered that CO2 is inert, totally non-flamable, AND used commercially in fire suppression equipment, not to mention in the quantities he was alluding to, there'd be no O2 and fire could not exist. Simple rule of fire...it reqires OXYGEN. Lots of it. In a CO2 environment, there is NO oxygen. But Hey, I don't follow the narrative, or the revisionist science that backs up the narrative, I follow actual, finite, science and physics, not the imaginary kind. Of course, the comments from the California woke following the article were so supportive and thankful for his incredible insight and blah blah blah...the stupid leading the more stupid. People buy this shit. Why they do, I wouldn't even hazard a guess.

  But I'm supposed to adhere to "their" science, and completely abandon every other theory or proven fact behind what I've come to know. I question things that don't make any sense, or that I can see absolutely no physical evidence of, so I'm therefore a denier, conspiracy theorist, bigot, racist, white supremacist idiot, that's a threat to the world. Or so they'd have you believe. But prior to buying in to totally being free from fossil fuels by whatever crisis date they demand today, one had better think long and hard about one little word..."LUBRICANTS". In their panic to control everyone by repeated fear campaigns, they forgot to address this little tidbit. They have no answer for this, btw. Ask one of the cheerleaders. See for yourself. When they mention synthetic motor oils, I let them in on a little secret...I tell them to read the ingredients, and all the words they can't pronounce...well those are fractions of natural gas. So...will natural gas become a "non-fossil fuel" to appease? You know, change the name to fit the narrative...remember, global warming/climate change/man-made climate change/TBA (insert current crisis narritive here)...like everything else.

  The jury is out on whether it's just a society of non-thinking morons so lacking in life experience they just blindly follow, or if it's fear of being castigated by their peer groups for abandoning groupthink, or WHATEVER, it's time to jerk the rug out from under all this imaginary shit, and the only way that's going to occur is for more people to speak out against the woke bullshit. Go to your school board meetings. Write your local and federal employees you elected to work for YOU, and tell them to BY GOD work for you. The Left is trying to cancel anyone not marching in lockstep with their ideas of things, so refuse to be cancelled. Be an Aaron Rodgers in a sea of Labron James'. Be a Joe Rogan in a sea of Don Lemon's. Have a spine. Or sit blindly and watch everything you've worked to get be destroyed, which precludes ANY bitching about the outcome. The complacency that has led to the schools thinking they have supreme control over YOUR children, what they learn, what they eat, what vaccines they take, etc., you know, the timeless "oh, that couldn't happen here" and "well, the news said..." continuing to blow up in people's faces, and the warning signs have been there for decades. And a few of us saw them. That's why we're not terribly surprised by the woke bullshit, we've had years to formulate an attack strategy. The best one is simply saying, "NO."

"Piss Off" works good, too. One really doesn't owe an explanation. You don't get one...

Here's my deal.
I refuse to live in the progressive Left's fantasy world.
Men are men. Women are women. Regardless of idenity crisis, surgery, or horomone/psychotherapy.
Show me real, indisputable evidence of climate change. Tell me a story, not steeped in conjecture and politically charged, groupthink bullshit.
Why are vaccinated and boostered folks getting, and dying from, Covid-19? Isn't a vaccine supposed to stop that? You know, like that polio vax you all allude to when defending this one...?
Why do we need a vax for a virus with a 99.6% recovery rate, across all age demographics, in the first place? Where was this panic protocol for the tens of millions who got the flu strains, that were, per capita, profoundly more deadly year after year after year than Covid-19? As a side note, I realize a lot of people everyone knows seccumbed to complications resultant of this virus, and I'm truly sorry for your loss. But how many actually had Covid-19? And can you prove it? How many died from something totally not related to Covid-19, but tested positive, so it was a Covid death? How many "cases" were false positives, but counted anyway? How many did have the virus, and it manifested in the lungs, and they put them on ventilators and killed them? The entire US medical community was privvy to the Italian pathology on postmortum Covid victims showing severe acute pulmonary thrombosis, precluding any positive pressure intubation, yet put folks on ventilators to this day because it's $39K in the hospital corporation's ass pocket every time they do. Thanks to our government.

Ya know, when things don't make sense...



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