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UPDATE 06 MAY 2020

Todays update has a two-fold mission...one is to fulfill a request from a friend of mine concerning the "thesis" the former First Tranny wrote at Princeton in 1985 of which I obtained a copy from the archives that lurk on the Internet...and the other is to have a Dantalk about sheep. The two-legged kind.

Ok, the thesis. It started with this post on Fakebook

Facebook post

where I mentioned I have a copy I got in 2016 somewhere on my hard drive...so I'm posting it here. I have it in .pdf form, and I found great entertainment reading it, all 98 pages, which is why it's impractical to post it all here...AND...you have your own personal copy to peruse and share at your free will...win win

...it's a dandy, too...lmao

On to the bipodal sheep mission. I'll make this short and sweet, so you can spend more time on "the thesis"...lol

Seems of late there is this steady whine on social media...well, everywhere really, and after a little investigation, I've discovered it's definitely the NNSGP, or New Normal Socialist Guilting Protocol, which projects that I alter my life as a courtesy to everyone who might get sick, even in the face of the CDC slicing 30K deaths off the "official" mortality rate from Covid-19, and the tennis ball being currently in the "no mask" side of the court, who knows what tomorrow brings there.

So after a month plus of salving the terrified sheep who SELF-QUARANTINED, then locking down the US for another two weeks, we're now allowed to go outside, in baby steps, of course, and healthy people are mandated to wear masks because no one could know they're sick, and the potential you might infect Fred and Freda Fudpucker over in Boogersdale, who may or may not be compromised. My job. Your job. Out of "courtesy", wear a facial incubator, and don't open your small business. Out of courtesy. Gubmit gave you $1,200, that should last till November. For Fred and Freda Fudpucker.
We have no idea if Fred and Freda are quarantining, masking, gloving, disinfecting, distancing, which they certainly should be if they're compromised or have an illness that could be a comorbidity factor, but we don't know...however the NNSGP demands courtesy in the form or robotic compliance, basically toss our civil rights right out the window, because the terrified sheep want courtesy.

I have a problem with this. Big one. Huge one. BAD one.

See, I look at this ordered lockdown as a complete government overreach. Period. Fueled by panic generated by the media, at the urging of the DNC, and adopted by the idiots who refuse to not hang on every word on MSM. Killing one of the most powerful economy's in history was very important to the Socialist Democrats...here's a little history why I think so...

Back in November/December, there were a lot of people sick with "not Influenza A", an upper respiratory viral sickness that was bad. Oh well, start of flu season, business as usual. The impeachment pipe dream was turning into an IED, and the sky was the limit, economy-wise...all the while the media blowing the Coronavirus trumpet daily. Zoom into January, Coronavirus wiping out China/Italy/Europe by the media, Trump calls for closed borders and is immediately a racist xenophobe. The Daily Caller has a real nice article covering Pelosi in Chinatown in Dungfrancisco on 24 FEB 2020, telling the faithful lapdogs and sycophants to "come on down" and SHOW Orange Man Bad what a racist, xenophobic, pig he is. Mid-February. According to the media, 2 million are going to die and only Fauxci knows how many will be infected, and probably killed, with archaic protocols probably doing more harm than good, as it is beginning to appear...and all the while, everyone forgets Queen Pelosi and Co. were in China 6 days after the epic failure of her 2nd coup attempt, who now tells the media she helped prevent the spread by her open invitation to publicly bash Trump in Chinatown...delusion or deceit, flip a coin...

Here's where it gets good.

Here's where the rubber number barrage really began to hit, MSM saying one thing, alternative sources saying something totally different, the only constant was the narrative driving the panic...fastforward to March, full lockdown, millions out of work, government handing out stimulus money like running water, state dictators emerging, more dirty politics surrounding treatment protocols and drug therapy, all the while the numbers never quite making sense, front-line and essential workers weren't testing positive by the thousands, everyone forgetting about the homeless, who are apparently immune to the virus...bad as everyone says it is, you'd think they'd all be dying or dead...not the case...virus getting smarter daily, seems to avoid Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, other big chains, but apparently the death rate on small businesses was exponential, ya can't go in one, they're mostly all still on lockdown order. People, non-sheep, beginning to get fed up, protests start, state dictators threaten all but martial law, one DOES declare martial law, in Gallup, NM, because the spread was so bad...not sure by whose assessment, but bad...enter April.

Probably wasn't until around the 15th that I really started paying attention to daily "counts" for Arizona...the red one, confirmed, and the white one, deaths, began updating every time you refreshed the app, one, however is still today at the same number it was on the 15th of April, the green one, recovered. Stands at 6. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who noticed a ominous odor of dung whenever numbers for the "pandemic" were reported, after more "selfish and discourteous" fascist nazi's protested, a select one state opened up, while one remained open, while all the other sheep governors and of course, the tyrants, like Nevada, Virginia, Oregon, Illinois, and lest we not forget, the bat-shit crazy VP hopeful in Michigan, Herr Vhitmer. While the hopeful losing everything looked for any glimmer of hope, sorry you dumbass simpletons who want to risk Fred and Freda because you're selfish and greedy, May 1st. Or 5th. or 15th. Or...if you lived in one of the tyrannically-controlled states, June and rumors some, till after July 4th. July 6th, to be exact, according to Kate Brown, Tyrant of Oregon...

Leading up to the bipodal sheep, and their New Normal Socialist Guilting Protocol. Theory. And why it won't work.

Having wondered about a whole lot of "realities" surrounding the entire ordeal, because things never made sense, coupled with the CDC admitting they padded numbers by eliminating over 30K from the COD lists, now watching governors demand masks be worn outside and corporate chain stores requiring masks, and the lockdown presses on...
When all the advocates, and governors, mayors, city/county yokels start wearing masks, gloves, social distancing, and quarintining so Fred and Fred Fudpucker don't get sick with the regular annual influenza outbreak, or "season" as it's termed now, then come talk to me about being forced to do all this shit now. Until then, expect a less-than-receptive reaction. And, devour an enormous satchel of Richards.

I will not comply. I will not lay down and live in fear. I will not allow my Constitutional rights, paid for in American blood, be discarded because weak, spineless gimmedats are scared. I will not wear a mask outside or anywhere but a hospital, you know, around sick people. And, I'll never patronize any business that requires me, healthy, to conform to something I feel is worse than not wearing one, tenfold, because they do not stop sub-micron sized particles like viruses. Period. Only the N95's and up do, and the medical/first responder community and the cormorbidity-compromised should have every ONE of those, not the terrified healthy sheep, swallowing the media's panic cry faster than Sugardaddy's baby batter...

Bigmouth know-it-all Coumo TODAY was forced to reveal a study done by NYC hospitals on confirmed Covid-19 cases not currently being killed on ventilators, found 60% of these people had been staying home, PPE'd to the max, and very limited outside contact with one really big subnote (I'll bet MONEY it killed the cuck to admit...),90% of the 60% surveyed had, this year, and in the past, received a....wait for it......flu shot.

This also brings up a point that I feel needs to be passed around. Google, Fakebook, Twatter, and the rest of the liberal-controlled tech are supressing--no, censoring, a video interview with the scientist, Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD., who helped develop strategies to fight AIDS, but also published a paper that was contrary to accepted "official" thinking on human and animal cells creating plagues that could wipe out humanity. Lab created dangers. She names names here, which I'm sure is why the Big Three censored this video. The link provided is to a website not controlled by leftists, i.e., YouTube, Google, Fakebook, Twatter, et al, so it's fairly safe from censorship. So far. Watch it. Form your own conclusions.

**EDIT** I downloaded the video, complete, from the PlandemicMovie site, all 3 Gigs of it...it's now available here, and won't be taken down.


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